Liz Covington, life coach

Distracted much? Feeling like you're not able to get anything done?

  Me too! Thankfully I’ve learned to be productive, happy and proud of who I am without entirely giving up my beloved identity as a  “hot mess mom”.  I would love to help you do the same.

Help, I'm distracted!

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HI, I'm Liz

.. a 40 something mom, wife, realtor, life coach, sister, friend, aunt, daughter, and sometimes, a complete hot mess. I used to always get appointments wrong, show up late to important meetings & activities, forget important dates for my job and my family. There was a time that when my phone rang, I suffered a wave of panic because I was sure it was about somewhere I was supposed to be but had completely forgotten. That sense of panic hasn’t flooded my veins for over 3 years.  I didn’t suddenly turn into a type A personality or an enneagram 1. I learned some powerful tools and I love how they’ve worked for me. Now I teach them!

What does it mean to work with me?

I do one on one coaching sessions with people via zoom. The sessions are 25 mins.and will be guided by a worksheet focusing on better understanding your personal distractions and strategies for managing them . The bulk of the session is a guided conversation to help you better see what’s motivating your behaviors and creating the results in your life. I schedule in blocks of 4 sessions because I believe continuity in coaching is super helpful.

So, what now?

If you’ve made it this far I feel like we’re probably a good match! You can click the button below to schedule your first 4 sessions. My fee is 100$/ month, This includes four 25 minute one on one coaching sessions with 4 thought provoking (optional) worksheets. After completion of the first 4 sessions I will send you a fun “Way to go, you did it” gift!